3 Candle Scents To Keep You Cozy This Winter

3 Candle Scents To Keep You Cozy This Winter

I have to admit I'm not the biggest fan of icy cold, drab weather. But there is nothing quite like being cozy at home with the warm glow of your Artesao candle slow burning while the rain drizzles outside.

In this journal blog, I give you my 3 top winter picks for a fragrant, warm ambience. Whether you are looking for some quiet 'me time' reading your favourite book, or resetting your space with a fresh and invigorating fragrance, Artesao has something for every preference.

First up - Late Night Cuban Candle
Bold / Woody / Chypre / Cuban Cigars / Smokey Jazz Bar 
Intoxicatingly heavy and loaded with the pungent scent of tobacco stirred with cinnamon and cedar wood, this pick is a beautifully complex candle that wafts through your space before even being lit.

Scent Story: "It’s late, you’ve stumbled into the side streets of Cuba, when all of a sudden you’re guided to an underground jazz bar by the wafting scent of sweet smokey tobacco, single malt whisky and bold burning inhalations of gold cuban cigars, cinnamon and jazz.


Next up -  The Botanist Candle
Fresh / Tart / Berries / Herbaceous Garden
One of our newest fragrances at Artesao, The Botanist, brings a fresh herbaceous and zingy aroma that is perfect for uplifting and balancing your space.

Scent Story: Lucious, fresh and herbaceous garden filled with tart berries and a concoction of beautiful blackcurrants, rose, fir needle, cloves, fresh cut lemon peels and musk. The Botanist is intricate and complex and the perfect fragrance to fill your space.


Lastly - La Dolce Vita Candle
Fresh / Floral / Perfume / Aesthetic Luxe
Artesão's new La Dolce Vita scented soy wax candle is a nostalgic luxurious, fresh & floral, fragrant candle that gives 'Sweet Life Vibes'. She's aesthetically classic and abundant in ripe bunches of red lychees and bouquets of giant pastel pink peonies wrapped in white crisp paper from Saturday's artisanal flower market.
You've got the candle, the bunch of flowers, a fresh baguette bread stick in your tote bag, coffee in hand and the world is yours to do with it what you will.

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