About Artesao Candles

Artesão, (pronounced: arteˈzãw), is a female owned and operated soy candle business in Sydney, Australia.
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We specialise in quality, minimalistic, aesthetic & luxury inspired soy candles with an intention to fill your space with unique, gender neutral, sensory fragrances that create a warm ambience.
Small whiteScent and smell play a big role in our every day lives & we are often attracted or drawn to particular scents and smells. This is part of our ‘olfactory’ system where we make connections linking scents to memories, emotions and experiences.
Artesão was birthed out of a desire to find uniquely fragranced soy candles that evoke these senses while still being environmentally friendly, and over the last 10 years, we’ve been able to hone our craft, fusing both art and science,  experimenting with our formulas & methods to narrow down our scent story.
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Our uniquely scented soy candles are all made in-house from start to finish in small batches, with 100% natural soy wax, cotton wicks and quality fragrance blends. We are eco-friendly, non toxic, vegan and cruelty free.