Artesao Candles is a Finalist in the Local Business Awards 2022

Artesao is a Finalist in the Local Business Awards for 2022!

I am beyond excited to announce that Artesao is a Finalist in the Local Business Awards for 2022!  The Local Business Awards acknowledges outstanding professional services in a variety of categories, and I am absolutely humbled by every single person who voted for us.
This came as a lovely surprise as I was unaware that voting had already commenced and closed, so to be a finalist in this prestigious event is a true honour.

With over 10 years experience as an artisanal candlemaker and ecommerce business brand, a lot of hard work and effort goes into the production and curation of our candles, reed diffuser, botanical soy wax melts and sculptural candles, making sure that each product is of exceptional quality.

Artesao products are meticulously handmade in Sydney using sustainably sourced, vegan, non-toxic ingredients and premium fragrances, taking much care to ensure our process from conception to delivery maintains a strong foundation and focus on environmental, eco-conscious practices to minimise our carbon footprint and impact on our planet.

Thank you to our wonderful community who support Artesao and continue to love and enjoy our candles. We celebrate this moment together.

With love,

Tanya x

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